Eyes are a perfect reflection of one’s beauty. They say beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder and we absolutely agree to this. Being one of the new upcoming black entrepreneurs in New York City’s mink lash industry, we launched our brand to empower and boost confidence. Aiming to establish an exquisite black-owned mink lash business in the United States, we offer a wide range of versatile lashes for everyone out there. Whether you are someone who loves the natural look or someone who loves fluttery and voluptuous lashes, we have got you covered. Our product line includes a plethora of designs from which you can choose. From daily wear to party looks, you can choose any that you like. 


Made from high-quality raw materials and under strict design guidelines, our mink lashes are anything but ordinary. With an unbelievable volume and amazing length, our stacked lashes are perfect for all those who love bold makeup, or just a regular look. Accentuate your prominent brow bones and makeup skills by adding the extra oomph to your eyes with our mink lashes. We promise you will make heads turn.


For the dollz who wears glasses and cannot wear extra-long lashes, we have the ideal solution for you. Crafted meticulously after years of research and created under strict supervision, our 20mm- 22mm mink lashes are a godsend. Perfect for regular use, these eyelashes give incredible length, amazing volume and a subtle curl. Not only that, but they are also as light as a feather. You would not even feel that you are wearing false lashes. 

Add the intensity to your makeup looks and beautiful natural face with our luxurious collection of mink lashes. We promise you will love them as much as we do!