Lash'd Dollz Co, LLC lashes can up your makeup game like no other. There is nothing like finding yourself a pair of false lashes for every occasion. Known for their extraordinary quality and amazing durability, our mink lashes could be used up to 30 times! Amazing right? However, you have to take proper care of them. Follow our lash care tips and you will thank us later. 


Be gentle Lash'd Dollz Co, LLC lashes are very delicate and must be handled with care. You need to be extremely gentle while applying them as well as when you take them off. Use a cleanser or a makeup remover and gently rub on your falsies to remove the glue. Gently grasp them by the band instead of the fur. 

            Pro Tip: Use a damp cotton swap and rub it over the band to remove the glue.

Do Not Soak

If you want to maintain the shape and the curl of your mink lashes, never soak them in water or your makeup remover. This will do more harm than good. If you want to clean, use a damp cotton swab and gently remove the glue. Be Patient With the glue excess glue can be removed easily with a tweezer. Never pull your lashes. You could peel the excess glue off the band as well. 

Apply Less Mascara (Less is more)

Mink lashes are delicate. Applying more coats of mascara, especially waterproof, can destroy the curl and shape of your lashes. If you really want to add the extra oomph, apply a single coat. The best thing to do is to apply the mascara on your own lashes and then put the lashes.

Say No to Oil-Based Solutions 

Regardless of the type of lashes you use, do not use oil-based chemicals. It will weaken the construction of your lashes. Also, the next time you apply your lashes, it won’t be easy to apply the glue on the band. Strictly follow this tip or your lashes will not last at all.

Store Lashes Properly

Keep the original packing with you and store your mink lashes in the same box. It will protect the shape and curl of your lashes. Moreover, it will keep all the bacteria at bay. Wear your lashes and then take them off and safely store them in the container.

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